Unmask our Children, What is Gov Murphy Waiting For?

We thought we were hearing things when Phil Murphy announced last week that he was keeping in place the mask mandate in our schools next September.

What is Governor Murphy waiting for?!?!

At this point, many NJ school districts and superintendents have had it, and are up in arms.  Some parents have called a continuation of these mask mandates in September child abuse.


Enough political science. It’s time for Governor Murphy to start following actual science – and reopen our state and schools now!

We call upon Governor Murphy to quit the political grandstanding and give up his chokehold on executive power.  Stop issuing executive orders – and unmask our children!!

Commissioner Deputy Director Deborah Smith
Commissioner John Krickus
Commissioner Director Stephen Shaw

If you are looking for real leadership in NJ – support the KEEP MORRIS STRONG team for Morris County Commissioner this November. 

Deborah Smith, John Krickus, and Stephen Shaw will continue to lead through the end of this pandemic, as they have from the beginning.

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