The Citizen Endorses Smith, Krickus, Shaw for Morris County Commissioner

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From The Citizen of Morris County:

In a Morris County not as solidly red as it once was, Democrats still face an uphill battle in being elected to a well-run commissioner board overseeing a county that has boasted a AAA bond rating for 45 years.

This year, Republican incumbents Stephen Shaw, the board’s director, Deborah Smith and John Krickus face challenges from Democrats Thomas “T.C.” McCourt, Aaron “A.J.” Oliver and Dina Mukluka in a race that has largely flown under the radar.

Shaw, of Mountain Lakes, Smith, of Denville, and Krickus, of Washington Township, have been part of a group that has provided sound fiscal stewardship while holding the line on taxes.

This year’s county budget, as in recent years past, came with no tax increase at all.

The county has opened and operated efficient COVID-19 testing and vaccination centers, both of which were heavily trafficked in the days when demand outstripped supply for the respective commodities.

The Republicans also have a strong track record of promoting and preserving open space and historic sites.

They can also point to their support for small businesses during the pandemic and their maintenance of county infrastructure.

Importantly, all three bring a trove of municipal experience to the county level.

They’ve done their homework. They served locally first, and got to know how local government works.

That’s key since one of their main functions is to assist the towns and municipalities in the county.

They have, among other things, provided personal protection equipment to frontline healthcare workers, provided easy access to Covid testing all over the county and helped secure the highest vaccination rate for those 65 and over in the state.

They have also been key, they say, in reopening small businesses by offering assistance programs.

They have the experience.

They’ve demonstrated their abilities, both individually and collectively, to make the county work for the towns, and we see no reason all three should not be returned to the board on Tuesday, Nov. 2

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